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Welcome to Engineria 2D world. It's phisical sandbox with temperature, pressure, fluids, gas and machinery
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Engineria is 2D world. It's physical sandbox with temperature, pressure, fluids, gases and machinery.

The player explores randomly generated open 2D-world. Realistic physical and chemical processes occur in the environment. There are gases, liquids, temperature, pressure, chemical reactions and radiation. Player has to create complex mechanisms using mechanics, gear wheels, pneumatics, hydraulics, chemical processes and electricity. This will allow him to build complex mines and produce rare resources needed for more complex mechanisms. Also, the player will have to deal with various obstacles in caves and mines. In a depths of the earth, he confronts with landslides, floods, poisonous gases. He can overcome that only by means of using more and more sophisticated and complex mechanisms.

Pressure and gas

We try to create maximum real pressure model for you can create some steam machinery and weather phenomena.

Fluids and terrain

Our voxel engine gives you opportunities to discover pretty caves with stalactites, avalanches and subterranean waters.

Steam machinery

Open for yourself new interesting world of non-electrical machinery.


You can send your screenshots to us.


Now available


Now available

Flooded caves

Now available

Complex geology

Now available

Сomplex mechanisms

Now available

Deep ocean

Now available


Look in tomorrow

  • Steam-engine

    Not only for pumps. But for cars, lifts and more

    Different physical engines for terrain and machinery

  • Fire and plasm

    Also we plan more complicated chemical reactions

    Many substances allow to realize interesting chemical reactions like bolting, steam, precipitate and synthesis

  • Greenhouse effect

    Classic weather effects like rain, snow, clouds that will be created by sun and water without scripts

    We try to create closed model of climate effects

  • Nuclear reactor

    And work with radioactive materials

    Maybe even a bomb

Platforms availability

Now we are working on publication in Steam Greenlight


Coming soon


Maybe in the future

If you are using platfrom not mensioned in the list above, but really want to play. Let us know in social media!

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